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To Testify or Support HB206 & SB751...

How do I testify at a House committee hearing?
Electronic registration has been implemented as a requirement for providing testimony at House committee hearings. See the House Witness Registration website for more information.
Registration Station Locations

Registration stations are located in the Texas Capitol Extension on levels 1 and 2.

Mobile Device Access

You can also access House Witness Registration on your iPad through the capitol's public wireless network.

  1. When within network range, tap Settings on your iPad.
  2. Next, tap the Wi-Fi menu. Public-Capitol should display in the Choose a Network list.
  3. Tap Public-Capitol to join the network.
  4. Once connected to the Wi-Fi Public-Capitol, open a web browser on your iPad and click this link:

NOTE: Access to House Witness Registration through a mobile device is optimized for iPAD running the most recent version of iOS. Earlier iOS versions or other mobile device platforms are not supported.

For assistance with the registration process, please contact the committee clerk of the committee for which you wish to testify.

Registration Recommendations

IMPORTANT: You can save time when you arrive at the Texas Capitol to register by creating your public profile in advance and be prepared by knowing:

  • The correct bill number
  • In which committee hearing the bill is being heard
  • The time and location of the hearing (View upcoming meetings)
How do I find out when a public hearing is being held?

To find times and places for public hearings, view the committee schedule information available for House and Senate committees.

How do I follow the status of a bill?

You can use Texas Legislature Online to follow a bill through the entire legislative process. View the page How to Follow a Bill Using Texas Legislature Online to gain information on features provided by this website to follow a bill through the legislative process. This page includes information on how to find out when a bill will be discussed in committee, when a bill will be discussed on the floor, and how to find the current status for a bill.


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Learn More about the Texas Bills

& SB751
HB3533 HB4601
Eliminates SOL YES
/Look Back
YES NO From 30y
to 15y
Protects Predators NO YES YES
Silences Survivors NO YES YES
Rating A+ D- D
Some reasons we need Retroactive/Window Statute of Limitations...
  • PROTECTS our community by exposing hidden predators & institutions that harbor them!
  • STOPS child predators & prevents more children from being abused!
  • Shifts the cost of abuse from victims & taxpayers to those who caused harm!

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Supporting Organizations

Thank you to all of the wonderful regional, State, and national organizations that have voiced their support to eliminate Child Sex Abuse Statute of Limitations. If you are interested in adding your organization to this list or would like to request a speaker, please contact us.